Eligibility and Application


Applications for 2024-2025 academic year are now CLOSED and will open May 17, 2024.

Click here for the application once it is open. 

*Please note, you may save the application and continue working on it later. You can also send it to your parent/guardian for signature if required.


Should you have questions about TRIO Achievers and/or future applications, please email us at: trioachievers@calpoly.edu.

Students who apply to become a part of the TRIO Achievers program must be:

Additionally, selection for the TRIO Achievers program is based on students meeting at least one of the following federal requirements:

  • First-Generation College Student

    1. A student, neither of whose natural or adoptive parents received a baccalaureate degree; or
    2. A student whose sole custodial parent did not receive a baccalaureate degree;
  • Low Income Eligible

Based on the U.S. Department of Education low-income guidelines, determine if your family's taxable income fell at or below the listed income for your family size.

  • Disability Eligible

If a student has a documented (physical or learning) disability, the student is eligible for the TRIO Achievers program.

Students who have a disability, as defined by Section 504/ADA, may be eligible for participation in TRIO Achievers as a result of the educational needs stemming from that disability. Submit a copy of disability documentation or ask your counselor in Disability Resource Center to send a referral notice to the TRIO Achievers office.


Admin only: old application (do not use) 

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