Academic Advising

Assistance with all aspects of educational planning and scheduling each quarter. This includes:

  • Registration system (CPReg/PASS)
  • Advise on curriculum sheets and flow chart
  • Strategies for maintaining and improving GPA
  • Help with study skills
  • PolyPlanner
  • Summer/transfer credit (
  • Assistance with course or term withdrawal, as needed
  • Flexible drop-in advising (check hours on staff page)

Personal Advising

This includes assistance with any concerns that have the potential to place a student in academic jeopardy. Advisors provide:

  • support
  • encouragement and advocacy
  • appropriate campus or community referrals
  • Assistance with course or term withdrawal, as needed

Graduate and Professional Advising

TRIO strongly supports participants in continuing their education at the graduate level. Support and assistance is provided for choosing the right program, researching financial aid options and completing the application. Visits to California campuses that offer post-baccalaureate programs are sponsored by TRIO at no charge throughout the year.

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Individualized Tutoring

Individualized tutoring can help you in two ways; not only can you achieve higher scores on tests and a better grade in your class, but you will learn to understand the subject in a more comprehensive way. This can be especially helpful because success in later courses depends on the skills learned in earlier courses.

TRIO attempts to offer tutoring in every course on campus; however, some courses are easier to find tutors for than other courses. In reality, TRIO can offer a tutor in nearly all courses. Thus, participants in TRIO are advised to always inquire about a tutor for their course so that TRIO is made aware of the request and can make an effort to obtain a tutor. In addition to individualized tutoring TRIO partners with the Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) Lab to provide tutoring assistance in engineering, math and science courses.

Individualized tutoring is scheduled between the student and tutor. Individualized tutoring is where the student and tutor schedule a time and place to meet that is convenient for both. Public areas such as class buildings, TRIO Office, the library or the UU are recommended. TRIO students may receive up to six hours of tutoring per week for each subject and may be tutored in more than one subject.

*As of Fall 2019, TRIO Achievers will switch to a centralized tutoring platform in order to facilitate student request for tutors. More information will be provided at the start of Fall quarter via email.If you have questions to tutoring prior to the start of the quarter, please contact us at

LINKS (Leading in Navigating Knowledge and Success) peer mentoring program is a program designed to help TRIO freshman and first-year transfer student’s transition to Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo. Mentors meet with assigned students to discuss transition progress and provide advising, assistance and/or resources to better equip them.

Your mentor will show you the town, help you meet new friends, and show you the ropes at Cal Poly. Think of your mentor as your personal tour guide in a foreign land! You will meet with your mentor frequently throughout the year and quarterly activities with other TRIO students.

Your mentor has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the challenges of your new life at Cal Poly. You'll also make lifelong friends that share your interests and goals.

Financial Literacy

TRIO staff members are available to advise participants in Financial Aid education including completion of FAFSA, understanding financial aid, paying your college bill, and exploring scholarships. Staff members are also available to advise participants in areas of personal finance education including developing a budget, learning about banking, understanding credit, and searching for student employment.

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TRIO offers workshops that deal with a wide range of topics such as: Study Strategies, Etiquette, Stress and Time Management, Communicating with Professors, Healthy Living, Conflict Resolution and many more!

Cultural Enrichment Activities/Field Trips

To meet our participants’ personal and social needs, TRIO organizes an array of cultural enrichment activities which enable students to express themselves, to network, and to build collegial relationships amongst their peers.

These events are offered to TRIO students free of charge. Since effective strategies to improve retention rates rely on a holistic approach, attending cultural events is an integral part of the TRIO program.

Participants are strongly encouraged to attend events to be exposed to new cultural experiences. Cultural enrichment activities may include attending plays, concerts, sporting events, industry tours, etc.

Release of Liability (PDF)

First-Year Seminar

In partnership with the campus "First-Year Seminar" program, TRIO offers a fall quarter orientation and study skills course. The goals of this course are to teach and enhance university learning skills and to facilitate the transition into Cal Poly.

Living Learning Community

TRIO Program requirements stipulate that first-year freshmen are required to reside in the designated TRIO living-learning community for their first year at Cal Poly.
Upon acceptance into TRIO, you are automatically placed in the TRIO LLC. Similarly, any roommates that you indicate on your application will also join you in the TRIO LLC. By participating in TRIO LLC you do not participate in room selection. We do make exceptions for those students that meet housing accommodation as outlined by the Disability Resource Center or have a special circumstance that has been cleared by TRIO.

Check out our video on TRIO LLC here.​​​​​​​ 

Your roommate may opt-out of rooming with you in the TRIO LLC by selecting another community. Should this occur, you are responsible for updating your roommate request via your housing application by June 1, 2020.

For more information about the housing process, please see the First-year Student Housing link.  Additional information is also referenced in the FAQs section of their site as well.

Meal Plans - It is important to note that first-year freshmen living on campus in the residence hall are required to have a meal plan which covers more than 11 meals per week. However, students with extenuating circumstances may withdraw from or change their dining plan by contacting Cal Poly Campus Dining.

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